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About Capo Camping

At a congress of Karaburun, the areas and possibilities of the region were pointed out - especially the field of olive trees. When we learned more about them, we realized that they can also provide good shade. And we started to dream about building an idyllic place.  The dream of settling in a seaside town has always been there. Also in our travels we were imagining what a place should look like while being on our journey along the roads parallel to the sea from the top of Mimas to Gülbahce to Karaburun.

Capo Glamping was built in 2021, which became home to Yusuf Özgür in the summer and winter.


Capo Camping offers

Capo Glamping offers an alternative vacation based on eco-tourism. The team of Capo takes care of nature and collective life. The camp is nature and animal friendly.

Capo Glambing is in the peninsula of Karaburun, the largest peninsula in Turkey, about 100 km from Izmir. With dozens of unknowns and is waiting to be discovered. It is an important peninsula with a hiking trail with rich vegetation and great opportunities to snorkel at beaches. It has a great ecosystem with a very high oxygen content. It is famous for its grapes and vineyards. Capo is also 10 km away from the centers of Mordoğan and Karaburun, where there are shopping and health services, and is at the same distance.

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