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Comfortable and close to nature

Capo Glamping Camp offers various accomodations for your stay.

We have standard rooms,  glamping tentscaravans, and a private tent area of 3000 square meters in which are grown olives, figs, walnuts, apples, oranges, lemons, and vegetables.


Fresh food for every mood 

Capo Camp offers regional, organic food and drinks. You can enjoy a traditional Turkish breakfast.

The restaurant has also vegetable dishes and vegan cuisine, as well as a comfort food serving pizza, meat and fish dishes and dozens of appetizers.


Moreover, there is a rich bar with local and imported spirits.



A visit to remember


Capo Glamping is in the peninsula of Karaburun, the largest peninsula in Turkey, about 100 km from Izmir. With dozens of unknowns and is waiting to be discovered.

It is an important peninsula with a hiking trail with rich vegetation and great opportunities to snorkel at beaches. It has a great ecosystem with very high oxygen content. It is famous for its grapes and vineyards.

Capo is also 10 km away from the centers of Mordoğan and Karaburun, where there are shopping and health services, and is at the same distance.


The distance to the beach is 150 meters. It is located between two bays at the same distance from Akburun and Boyabagı bays. It has a 70 square meter pavilion with a sea view and enough space for activities like yoga.

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